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Car & Trailer Training (Category BE) in Wigan

Towing a trailer seems like one of the most common and simplest of tasks carried out by car drivers, but there are various rules people must know and unerstand before they add a tow-bar to their car and hitch up a trailer.

If you passed your driving licence test before January 1997, you may have 'Grandfather Rights' and automatically be able to tow a trailer on your licence. If you passed after this date, you will need to undertake additional training to be legally allowed to tow even the smallest of trailers.

At Wigan LGV PCV Training Centre we are specialists in Car & Trailer Training. With our own dedicated towing vehicle and our own dedicated trailer, we take you through all there is to know about towing a trailer: from first inspection to reversing your trailer into a tight spot. Our team of deciated trainers will take you through everything you need to know, taking you to dedicated training grounds where you can learn and master the difficult task of reversing and parking a trailer, and take you onto the road to get a real feel for towing.

When it comes to test day, your instructor will take you for one last spin and a run through of the requirements, and then you will head on over to the test station. Your instructor will wait for you at the test station and then you will head on home together.

The law for those that have the ability to tow a trailer on their licence can seem complicated, so if you are in doubt please see our handy Licence Page for more information.


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